So I want to take Star Wars toy collecting a bit more seriously. I wish I was rolling in all of the cash monies, but I went crazy and bought some toys tonight, mainly Ahsoka figures. I was going to wait for my next paycheck, but I noticed that some of the eBay dates were going to expire soon, so being that I’m a big fan of the “buy now” option, I went ahead and started my collection. Yipee!

Right now, I’m focusing on particular characters: Ahsoka, Rex, Barriss. I figure that’s the best way to approach it right now, since I don’t have much space and I get the ones I really, truly want. *throws confetti* I’m happy!





Thanks for your support, your messages and your amazing drawings! lledra

OMGOSH! This is awesome! Thank you so much!

EEEEEE! I’m so glad she got a set with her favorites! All the happy fangirl feels! Hope you’re having a lovely day!!! :D

Thanks mate, I appreciate the save.

It wasn’t me. It was Ezra.